Preparation for Departure

3 September 2016


Despite having an arm temporarily in plaster, I continued to prepare to cycle the length of the UK before summer was over and the nastier weather set in.

I amassed my kit, picked up a bike box from my local cycling shop so that I could courier it to Wick, imported some Pro Bar energy jellies and tried cycling up a very steep hill in ‘Granny Gear’.

Kit-wise I have learned from previous expeditions to get the right kit and have an excel spreadsheet listing it which can then be checked against each time I go away.

bike-boxThe bike box was required to courier my bike to Wick as FlyBe wouldn’t guarantee carrying it as Hold luggage on the day that I flew. I found this by far the least stressful and relatively cheap and easy way to get me and the bike to John O’Groats. Bike couriered to The Spot Cycle Shop in Wick in a free bike box (thanks – Solent Cycles) and then flew up with my panniers as hand luggage. It was a little tricky carrying the bike box home though – in an MX5 🙂



The Pro Bar jelly cubes ‘Bolt Blocks’ I have learned to love and rely upon – they got me energised from the Coast of Antarctica to the South Pole for 46 days uphill, into the wind, pulling an 80kg sledge. Imported from the US complete with Import Duty, but LOVE them!


I believe in Living Life to the Full. I have done over 117 ‘things’ that I most wanted to do before I die and I’m nowhere near being dead!

They help me to breathe and feel alive and know that when I am drawing my last breath, it will be with no regrets.

Live Life to the Full.

My bucket list