Off to Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania

11 May 2017

On the 27th May I shall be flying in to Tallinn – the capital of Estonia, to cycle Southwards through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, flying back out of Vilnius around the 6th June (I have work on the 7th!) My UCB – Unique Cycling Buddy for Estonia will be Valentine Ogunba, who I welcome to the 50 Good Turns team. The whole distance should be around 500 miles – plus I need to do my three Good Turns, one in each country. Watch this space – and Facebook – for pictures and updates.

I believe in Living Life to the Full. I have done over 110 ‘things’ that I most wanted to do before I die and I’m nowhere near being dead!

They help me to breathe and feel alive and know that when I am drawing my last breath, it will be with no regrets.

Live Life to the Full.

My bucket list