From Scotland into England

10 September 2016

Day 7. 85 miles.


Can you believe that HALF of the cycle of the length of the UK is cycling through Scotland? HALF! Within 5 miles of the whole route Yellow Brick tracker I crossed the border. My course zig-zagged around the mountain ranges of Scotland which you can see from my tracked route but then once I crossed the border near Gretna Green my route was better VMG (Velocity Made Good: which is a yacht racing expression for taking the optimum route towards your goal – maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

I believe in Living Life to the Full. I have done over 117 ‘things’ that I most wanted to do before I die and I’m nowhere near being dead!

They help me to breathe and feel alive and know that when I am drawing my last breath, it will be with no regrets.

Live Life to the Full.

My bucket list